“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

— Albert Einstein


“A club atmosphere like no other.”

For too long, students of Atlanta have become accustomed to lackluster, conventional organizations that ultimately amount to little benefit for their members. We, as a completely student-led club, look to provide an outlet for students to experience a more creative and diversified approach to leadership initiatives. Our goal is to use the fascinating world of economics as a median to build responsible leaders.

— M.I.



Collaborate Effectively

We’re here to support your passion

OutReach ATL

Inspired by the growing sphere of economic opportunities in Atlanta and opportunity-hungry students, JEC Atlanta provides the experience to be more involved in your local community through our OutReach ATL initiative, where members go to nearby elementary and middle schools and present Junior Achievement Sponsored lesson plans.



The Atlanta Junior Economist

Member written articles, featured in our Junior Economist, allow members to enhance their knowledge of the economy.


Grow Responsibly

Join a network of peers who will expand your perception of the accomplishments possible at our age, inspire personal growth and motivate you to strive for greater achievements.