OutReach ATL: 

Giving back to a community, that prioritizes the success of young families, is one of our main goals. Through OutReach ATL, we are able to take a step closer to revitalizing child development.


How It Works:

We arrive to nearby elementary and middle schools (targeting 3-8 graders), and divide the club into appropriate groups, that are then sent to their respective classrooms. Each group will have an officer present, that will help guide 1-3, 45 minute lessons. Lessons are provided by Junior Achievement, to assure schools that effective, engaging topics are taught to students. The lessons are fun, interactive, and hands-on, while simultaneously teaching students about important financial topics such as saving and spending, forms of payment, taxes, the economy and running a business. The program is a unique opportunity for schools to offer students a comprehensive and engaging workshop on financial concepts that are extremely important to future successes, but are rarely taught at such a young age.


Interactive Lessons,

Provided by the Atlanta branch of Junior Achievement

Why does it matter?

Studies have shown that in-school teaching of financial literacy at a young age is very influential on student financial success and competency as an adult. However, financial literacy is rarely taught in elementary schools, or even high schools across the nation. It is also proven that low-income and minority students are more likely to be less financially literate in their adulthood. These are the problems that the Junior Economic Club is trying to solve